Next to Last.

Have you ever been the last person that someone dates before the meet “the one”? It’s so awkward knowing that you’re that next-to-last attempt that person is trying to find happiness in, only to stumble upon the winner shortly after you what you had no longer mattered. Close, but no cigar.

In my experience in being the next-to-last girl, it was for the best that nothing serious did come about in our relationship.  My rejection of their advances was quite possibly the best thing that could have happened to them, since they are now paired up with someone that’s better aligned and well-suited to who they are as people.  It makes me feel incredibly elated that I could have unintentionally ushered in the one person whom they were waiting for. But it also makes me feel awkward, because not only do I feel like a fool for passing up a life I could have had with them, but it reminds me that I’m still on the search looking for someone to share my soul with.  

Then I realized, we’re always going to be someone’s next-to-last, and I suppose I can wait just a little bit longer to claim someone else’s next-to-last to be mine.